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aristotle racing team

The owner of AUTOSAFE, Panagiotis Psiakis with the A.R.T. team

We are excited and proud to announce that we are golden sponsors of Aristotle University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, who created a team that was able to design, build and test a racing car according to the “FSAE” regulations.

The “ART” team participated in the summer of 2022 with the improved ART 22 in 3 student competitions in Italy, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, claiming important distinctions. Mainly first place in the traction event in the Czech competition.

AUTOSAFE was a proud supporter of this effort to the “ART” team in both improving the vehicle and transporting the team to competitions this summer.

“Aristotle Racing Team” is the new generation, ready to drive the cars on new tracks and the AUTOSAFE KTEO is enrolled in this effort!

Together, we want to pass on a beautiful message: Drive the ones you love safely.