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Autosafe App

The Autosafe App is a free application for tablets and mobile phones that will help you organize the details of your vehicle after the completion of KTEO. Only those who have passed their vehicle through technical control at Autosafe KTEO have access to the app.

The purpose of the application is to transfer the history of the vehicle to one point: on your mobile device. As users, you can see any vehicle that is in your name or that has been assigned to manage it.

Entering the main menu of the application, you are given the opportunity to be informed of any result that has arisen from the control of the vehicle. The date of re-checking that will be done in your vehicle, is always available in your application which you can also connect with your personal calendar knowing always and at any time you want in a timely manner.

If a vehicle arrives for inspection 3 weeks before up to one week after the date of issuance of the 1st licence, it is considered timely and is obliged to pay only the cost of providing services of KTEO.

The first KTEO technical inspection on a new vehicle takes place 4 years after the date of registration of the new vehicle, and then is repeated every 2 years.

Scan the QR Code to download the app:

mobile app

So forget the process of collecting documents and go easily and simply with one click to the new era of Vehicle Control.