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Autosafe KTEO a golden sponsor for ART

omadiki fotographia

The Greek university students continue to create and KTEO AUTOSAFE supports their effort . With the hope and optimism of the new generation, which has a vision, sets goals and realizes them, we could not have done something else than to respond with warmth at the call of our students. With enthusiasm we declare ourselves as proud sponsors of the Aristotle University, in the Mechanical Engineering department, where they created a team which was able to design, build and try a racing car according to the rules of the FSAE.

The team from Aristotle, the Aristotle Racing Team, participates in various competitions and manages to stand out in many areas separately. In the last 15 years, ART has counted 18 successful participations in FSAE competitions. The vision of Aristotle is to contribute in the research around innovative technologies and to promote electromobility in Greece and abroad, implementing innovative products of high quality.

Aristotle Racing Team brings a sense of hope and dynamism, the goal is for the institution to become more competitive, presenting a top-class motorized car, offering more spectacle and interest in the championship. The Aristotle Racing Team is the new generation, ready to drive their cars in new roads and KTEO AUTOSAFE functions as a helper in this effort.